Week 3 // Mexico?

We are going to San Diego tonight to ride the AM track there. We want to cross the border to Mexico after but Dean Holdstock is doubting we`ll ever get home again..I`m not sure if the rental car company fancies it either. We`ll see!

We`re meeting the swiss riders David Graf (who by the way smoked us on gokarts this weekend) and Axel Keller down in San Diego, they say the track is pretty good. Forecast says rain again from wednesday so need to put in a solid riding session today!

We had this photographer from a newspaper back home – Stavanger Aftenblad coming over. They are doing a project from now till olympics. Way cool project witch I think will turn out good. Lars Idar has a blog/web as well  – www.larsidar.no . He flew Norway-California for just two days of work. Luckily Lake Perris was open monday night – cause it`s been raining a lot lately. But he got some track photos in the dark as well so it was all good.

Here are (boring) random photos just taken with my I-nokia during last week:


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